When staying up late to become a habit
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When staying up late to become a habit
Often stay up late, feeling a hollowed-out dinner party? More and more found that wrinkles? Stay up late in the middle-aged and young now can be said to be ubiquitous, in terms of endocrine fall asleep even after 11 PM to stay up late, watching movies playing mobile phone was already after midnight, is becoming more and more spiritual in the morning, and then the evening passed, staying up late to bring the negative impact of the body also gradually reflected.
Skin from harm
Have such a word, beauty is sleep, sleep for a person's skin have much visible role, in general the skin at night, would be the maintenance of the state, if this time you still stay up late, then the burden of skin will be more and more heavy, change of dry rough is the little things, cause human body endocrine disorder, blain blain is such problems as follows.

Resistance is weak
Mainly after staying up late, lack of body the next day, depressed, make the person fatigue, according to the concentration and the further study of the immune system regulator found that include unhealthy habits such as staying up late are more likely to develop "oxidative stress" diseases such as diabetes, high blood pressure, the frail easy cold, etc

Often stay up late cause insomnia
When became a habit to stay up late, so this time each day you will become extraordinarily awake, awake, the passage of time will break your biological clock, form a vicious circle, seriously affected the second day of your life.

When staying up late has become a "disease", how to "cure" it?Habits: forcing yourself to go to bed before 11 o 'clock every day, with or without feeling sleepy, go to bed after away from electronic products.
Auxiliary: before sleeping to eat banana, the banana is wrapped in the skin of the "sleeping pills", similar to the food and warm milk, oatmeal, honey, it all helps sleep.
If there is difficult to fall asleep, take a reading, the habits and customs slowly change come back is the way, what about body tired after an all-nighter, then to hydrogen huan!
Huan as a hydrogen rich hydrogen, weak base, negative potential, small molecular mass of drinking water, can effectively reduce the burden of staying up late brings to the body.
Physical aging on REDOX, use hydrogen to slow down the skin aging effect to resist oxidation.
Alkaline water by adjusting the acid-base balance of human body, make human body internal to achieve an optimal state, through the basis of the normal functioning of the human body to eliminate diseases, this is a fundamental way, so some people say that the king of the "water is the best medicine".
Negative potential role as a negative potential field, in the human body. Can increase the permeability of cell membrane, promote metabolism, enhance immunity. To purify the blood, and has a great help for cardiovascular disease prevention. Improve human liver enzyme activity, strengthen the body's detoxification function, make human body from the "poison".
Small molecular group water movement speed, called active water. This activity after water enters the body, the activation of human cells, and can carry more beneficial to human body, with a clean, vibrant, rich nutrition liquid, so it can greatly promote cell growth, development, make human body cell more dynamic.

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