Rich hydrogen water
"Hydrogen" namely "hydrogen", is the smallest molecular in nature, strong penetrability, enters the body through the skin, mucous membrane dispersion any organs, tissues, cells and mitochondria and the nucleus. Studies confirm that hydrogen rich hydrogen gas can be "absorb" the body in the water. Selectivity of hydrogen has the ideal antioxidant effect, can be selectively efficient removal of the source of malignant diseases, free radical and aging, from the most basic human cells within the fluid level to achieve environmental balance and start stimulating the self-repair mechanism, comprehensively improve health. Body to provide a full range of antioxidant to caress, balance the internal environment, initiating the self-healing recovery mechanism, the manifestation of metabolic repair, immunity, eliminate inflammation, improve allergic constitution, prevent cell mutation and promote tissue repair, enhance airframe disease-resistant ability, anti-aging beauty to raise colour effect and so on.
Weak alkaline
1, the functions of adjusting human body's ph balance: weak alkaline water is not a drug, can have the effect of medicine don't. Medical certificate within the human body is outside acid alkali condition, the weak alkaline water by adjusting the acid-base balance of human body, make human body internal to achieve an optimal state, through the basis of the normal functioning of the human body to eliminate diseases, this is a fundamental way, so some people say that the king of the "water is the best medicine".
2, activated human cells, the weak alkaline water, water molecules smaller, solubility, high penetrability, it is easy to enter the cell, can promote metabolism and waste discharge. Small molecule function contains a lot of fresh water dissolved oxygen ions and a large number of suitable for trace elements of human needs, to enter cells and blood, and blood can purify cells. Small molecules of water also can break down the body fat, reduce adipose accumulation can let the human body, the weak alkaline water can emulsify cholesterol on the walls of blood vessels, put it out of the body.
3, have the function of the calcium: medicine in calcium tablet with a stable state, and the weak alkaline water of stability of calcium ions, so easy to be absorbed, can make human body lack of calcium supplement with quickly, prevent various diseases caused by calcium deficiency.
4, remove excess free radicals in vivo: (any material is composed of molecules, atoms, electronics, if for some reason, the lack of an electron in atom, these electronic unpaired molecules and atoms will be especially unrest, this is the free radicals). Medical certificate: human illness associated with the active oxygen free radicals () in the blood increase, low and weak alkaline water reduction potential, PH value is high, has a strong reduction, so as to remove excess free radicals in the body, the body back to normal, anti-aging.
Negative potential
Negative potential role as a negative potential field, in the human body. Can increase the permeability of cell membrane, promote metabolism, enhance immunity. To purify the blood, and has a great help for cardiovascular disease prevention. Improve human liver enzyme activity, strengthen the body's detoxification function, make human body from the "poison". Dynamic balance, maintain the body's nervous system 'insomnia, headaches, asthma, upset, etc "modern disease" has the very good regulating function. Neutralize stomach acid, increase the gastrointestinal peristalsis, digestion, let people to get rid of constipation and gastrointestinal discomfort. And can have anti-inflammatory analgesic, accelerate wound healing effect and so on. When using negative potential energy, increase indoor anion energy, like forest bath. In addition, the negative potential for sub-health population and a high incidence of some diseases have very good adjuvant therapy efficacy, such as high blood pressure, diabetes, rheumatoid arthritis, etc.
Small molecular group
Small molecular group water movement speed, called active water. This activity after water enters the body, the activation of human cells, and can carry more beneficial to human body, with a clean, vibrant, rich nutrition liquid, so it can greatly promote cell growth, development, make human body cell more dynamic.
Small molecular group water, can improve the penetration. Water molecules high penetrability is more easily enter the cell, so he can bring nutrients to cells and to stimulate the function of the organism, promote metabolism.
Strong penetration of small molecular group water dissolving power is strong. His high water dissolving ability is generally more than 30%, thus better able to take dissolved nutrients into every corner of the human body, at the same time, will not be able to completely absorb nutrients by cells and the accumulation of body fat, cholesterol and other material dissolves, out of the body, improve body detoxification detoxification ability.
Small molecular group water or alkalescent, it can neutralize acidic toxins in the body, adjust the ph of body fluids, you can also activate cells, improve the body's own disease-resistant ability.
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