Company profile?

?Liaoning Hede biological technology co., LTD. is a company of The core group, founded in August 2016, the registered capital of 30 million, reference for 14 national invention patents, in the international advanced level of high-tech production equipment and processing, through intensive, large-scale production, provide the application in the food safety, health, agriculture high-tech products in the field of biological pesticide, cosmetic, etc. Yingkou in liaoning or DE biological technology co., LTD, business radiation throughout the country, products and equipment research and development, production, sales headquarters and production base, through the whole design and management, unified brand, unified image, form a national chain business model, at the same time the construction of advanced biotechnology product experience center.

Company spirit of "be honest, steady operation, to bring you health and happiness" business purposes, adhering to the "concentric DE, quality win" business philosophy, advocating "integrity, unity, dedication, striving" spirit of enterprise culture, adhere to the social and the customer is responsible for the spirit of finely crafted the every detail of every product, provide high quality products and services to the customers, for customers to create the most healthy hydrogen rich water.

Company is located in yingkou city, liaoning province coastal industry base of new street east no. 1, the company produces the hydrogen huan packing water, overcome the problems of the hydrogen poorly soluble in water, has the rich hydrogen, the weak alkaline, small molecules, the negative potential four big effect, more easy to human body absorbed and digested quickly, hydrogen in addition to the rubbish inside body. Become the leading brand in the market.

Company vigorously promotes the quality, credibility and development, pay attention to the improvement of technology and equipment updates, constantly introduce advanced production equipment, has realized the modernization of production. The revitalization of enterprise is the enterprise development goals, person, business acumen is the style of the enterprise, won the general customers and the social from all walks of life with facts.

We are trying to, we would like to cooperate with vendors, clients create a win-win situation, and the cooperation of the manufacturers work together, to treat ?customer with high quality, hydrogen in addition to the trash inside body, also your health!

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